Indian cuisine is incomplete without the flavour of spices. they are integral part of Indian food. Based on the dish spices are added in different forms, it can be added directly, roasted form, stir-fried, or as a topping. In some dishes, spices are added in blended form known as curry powder or masala.

Curry Powders are blends of different spices mixed together in dissimilar proportions. It is prepared by blending and grinding different herbs and spices, which add unique flavour, aroma and taste to every food.
Being from India, the land of spices, MpAgro has developed curry powders and flavors that mark the local traditions and tastes. MpAgro’s analytical strength in spices and their derivatives is the key to the flavor and consistency of spice mixes.

MpAgro is one of the reputed and trusted curry powder manufacturers in the food industry. MpAgro offers wide array of aromatic spice mixes and curry powders for all your culinary needs.